National Honey Month

It’s National Honey Month. Sweeeet!

September is National Honey Month. Let’s hear it for nature’s little miracle workers buzzing around tirelessly to create naturally sweet and delicious honey!

Why not add some Forever Bee Honey® to your favorite food or drink in honor of the humble honeybee? Whole grain banana pancakes? Yes please.  A drizzle on fresh fruit? Yup. Your favorite tea? No brainer. Is there anything a little honey won't make better? We can't think of anything. 

The National Honey Board chose September because it marks an important time for honey producers in the United States. This is when honey collection season wraps up. Honeybees stop harvesting nectar from flowers and begin fortifying the hive for winter. For us humans, it’s a perfect time to celebrate the millions of containers being filled with honey that we’ll enjoy all winter long.

There’s no better way to celebrate than treating yourself to some of nature’s sweet golden nectar.

Forever Bee Honey® is harvested from the mountains of Spain, where bees collect the nectar of lavender, rosemary and orange blossoms. The honey they create is smooth, dark, complex and delicious. Yet it isn’t only the taste that makes honey such a miraculous substance.

Did you know honey is a completely natural sweetener that contains far more nutritional value than sugar or other sweeteners? This incredible substance contains antioxidants, organic acids, vitamins, enzymes and flavonoids.

How do bees do it?

Bees make honey by consuming and digesting the nectar of flowers. This thick, sweet, golden liquid is stored in the hive as food for bees and provides worker bees with the energy to zip around from flower to flower all day long. 

There are more than 20,000 known bee species around the world, and together, they pollinate the vast majority of crops and 90% of all wild plants. 

According to the National Honey Board, a single worker bee will create about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. That means it takes nearly 23,000 bees to fill just one jar of honey!

The honey created by bees has been harvested and revered by humans for centuries. Today, beekeepers raise colonies to harvest honey and keep bee populations strong. With honeybee populations dwindling around the world, the work beekeepers perform will help ensure the survival of honeybees.

Do you love honey? Show your appreciation for honeybees and beekeepers by picking up your own bottle of Forever Bee Honey®. You’ll be glad you decided to celebrate! 

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